Our services


For Private Shuttle Giuliano offers, for example, personalized transfers to and from train stations and airports. Also transfers to Italian and foreign cities, transfers from train and bus stations to accommodations throughout all surrounding areas. In addition, groups for all festivities, so you can come home safely and enjoy the ride in company. Also sightseeing tours to all popular places of the Trentino - Alto Adige and the surrounding area belong to the repertoire as to visit the Dolomites, the nature parks, our beautiful lakes and everything, which could fascinate you.
Shuttle Giuliano is also available to all guests who prefer to arrive by train to avoid the traffic on highways and the inconvenience of finding a parking space in order to easily switch to the desired destination.


  • Val Gardena / Grödner Tal
  • Val Badia / Gadertal
  • Val di Fassa / Fassatal
  • Valle di Fiemme / Fleimstal
  • Val Sarentina / Sarntal
  • Val Passiria / Passeiertal
  • Val d'Ultimo / Ulten
  • Val Pusteria / Pustertal
  • Valle d'Isarco / Eisacktal
  • Val d'Adige / Etschtal
  • Val Venosta / Vinschgau
  • Val di Non / Nonsberg


Shuttle Giuliano will pick you up from home in time to take you to all major Italian and European airports on time, taking into account necessary stops and breaks. This service is included in the transfer price by arrangement. Arrange for a pick-up at the time of booking.


  • Airport of Milan-Malpensa (MXP)
  • Airport of Milan-Linate "Enrico Forlanini" (LIN)
  • Airport of Bergamo - Orio al Serio (BGY)
  • Airport of Brescia - Montichiari (VBS)
  • Airport of Parma "Giuseppe Verdi" (PMF)
  • Airport of Bologna - Borgo Panigale "Guglielmo Marconi" (BLQ)
  • Airport of Verona-Villafranca "Valerio Catullo" (VRN)
  • Airport of Venice-Tessera "Marco Polo" (VCE)
  • Airport of Treviso-Sant'Angelo (TSF)
  • Airport of Trento-Mattarello "Gianni Caproni"
  • Airport of Munich "Franz Josef Strauß" (MUC)
  • Airport of Salzburg (SZG)
  • Airport of Innsbruck (INN)


For companies, Shuttle Giuliano offers a service that enables savings on the acquisition, administration and maintenance of the company car fleet. If you opt for a transfer service or a business meeting with a car rental service, employees can use the travel time to get organized, discuss with other co-workers, or use the time to make calls. And all this without the danger of distraction from the road! And why not just to relax and rest for the upcoming date or to reach a flight without any stress.
With the NCC service you can achieve all your goals: Many companies are located in the city center or in restricted traffic areas that are


not accessible by private vehicles, or where stopping or parking is not possible. Even at airports, the cost of adjacent parking is very high, especially if the business trip takes a long time. A rental car is always ready, cleaned and maintained. Also, the journey is safer because the traveler has no long working day or flight-related time shifts behind him.

The cost of the services can be fully deducted by the companies immediately after the claim, in contrast to the company vehicle for which there are restrictions on the tax deductions.


Transport and delivery of urgent, confidential or valuable documents on behalf of companies and individuals, in particular in transactions between companies and pubblic offices, companies and companies, companies and individuals or vice versa. Shuttle Giuliano guarantees punctuality and full respect for your privacy and the content of your concerns.

Transport and delivery of product samples, small to medium packages for direct delivery to correspondents or for quality control, technical and / or other tests as required

Administrative and bureaucratic procedures of individuals and/or companies with embassies, consulates, public offices or similar. It is easier to reach these offices by having permission to drive to restricted traffic areas. If necessary, the completion of the process


is awaited, e.g. when renewing passports, issuing original documents, applying for visas or similar, and then doing everything necessary to return them to your starting point or destination on time.
As far as possible with delegation, Shuttle Giuliano handles such practices autonomously for you, which saves time and nerves. If you need to ship documents or packages urgently or within a certain time within Bolzano and environs, rely on Shuttle Giuliano: you will be satisfied with service, speed and punctuality.

Always thanks to access to restricted traffic zones, Shuttle Giuliano is also available for other escorts, such as for shopping or visiting the doctor.

Delivery / collection of vehicles throughout Italy and neighboring countries also belongs to Shuttle Giuliano's services.

If you prefer not to pay in cash we also accept all types of credit cards